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Impossible House

Documentary for Business of Fashion, about the process and future of prestigious Italian shoemakers, Ferragamo.

Impossible House – by still-life photographer William Bunce and set designer Lisa Jahovic – is an abstract film that follows a sphere as it explores a seemingly impossible house, through windows and down stairwells. The narrative takes an Orwellian turn as the ball gets caught in a recess that sees him fall into a pile of other balls, in which we lose sight of our protagonist, our ‘roll’ model. The resulting film offers a landscape that challenges our perceptions of scale, and a low-fi approach to scenic painting and ball ‘blowing’, utilising in-camera tricks as a fresh antidote to digital manipulation.

All shots achieved without any CGI or animation, all in-camera.

Role: DOP / Editor
Director: William Bunce & Lisa Jahovic
Sound: Tim Maryon