Francli Craftwear - CONSTANTLY LOOKING

01 - The Butchery Apron

Francli Craftwear make quality tools for outdoor makers. Part of their creative process is a unique approach to design that focusses on immersing themselves into the life they are designing for. Through curiosity, genuine intrigue and a playful attitude they create bespoke, specialist workwear unlike any other.

This short documentary discusses the process and conclusions of their first completed 'live project', set up to inspire, inform and expand their design knowledge and skills.




Mosevic have spent the past 4 years pioneering a new material they call 'Solid Denim'.  After perfecting their process they are ready to launch their first product range - solid denim sunglasses.  

I have been working closely with them over the past couple of months preparing the brand for launch, designing things, photographing and documenting their process.